It All Started When...

JQ Sirls
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When a child uses their imagination to pretend or make-believe, it's because the Imagi are personally shaping the world around them. Born from a magical dreamworld, called Fantoria, each Imagi's sole purpose is to provide wonder and make-believe to children of all ages. 

Unfortunately, many children grow up too fast and stop believing in wonder and make-believe. When this happens, the Imagi return to Fantoria and wait patiently for a new child to be born.

That's where this book comes in.Shifting away from the average picture book, It All Started When... by JQ Sirls nudges children to hang onto their childhood by turning them into the author and illustrator. With JQ's help, children will discover their own Imagi and record their greatest adventures for the world to read!

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It All Started When...

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